Penomet vs BathMate Goliath

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Both BathMate and Penomet are water based penis pumps. The Penomet uses new custom designed gaiter systems which are available in five options and each provide a different pull force.Penomet Premium Kit Penomet is a revolutionary penis pump which works amazingly in vacuum as well as hydro power. BathMate is the world’s best and safest penis pump to enlarge your penis size in just few weeks. There are variations and there are different BathMate available through the official website, namely Blue Hercules, Red Hercules, Clear Hercules, Blue Hydromax X30, Red Hydromax X30, and Clear HydromaxX30.

The gaiters allow the Penomet to be used by the very beginner to penis pumps, to those that require more force after they have been using a pump for some time and want to take their penis enhancement to the next level. Penomet penis pump with its unique gaiter system provide the ability to grow and customize your pump as you achieve gains over time resulting in a convenient, cost effective and safe penis pump that is suitable for all men. There are people who get confused on which penis pump to buy as there are many in the market.

The BathMate does in fact offer a solid product and comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. On the other hand Penomet has got more positive reviews and testimonials along with true success stories which help many others to buy this product with its amazing results. Comparatively Penomet stands first with the differential gaiters along with Force85 which comes along with Penomet Premium.

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