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Penomet and BathMate penis pumps are very similar and work by the same concepts. Penomet Premium KitThe top penis pumps available in the market which are genuine and trustworthy are BathMate, Penomet, Hydromax and Hercules. The quality of each penis pump can be known from the reviews, testimonials from the users etc. Penomet comes with six removable gaiters. Each is a different strength, which allows you to choose a less intense or more intense pumping session. The BathMate line has no additional gaiters and only the Hydromax Xtreme models have an accessory hand-ball pump that can be attached for increased pressure levels.

In spite of all the confusions and products after products there is this conclusion that penis pumps are the major sought after penis enhancement and enlargement method these days. But it is important to think about proper fit because you could very easily increase your length and girth one or more inches in a short amount of time. The Hercules model does use a better valve for beginners and although these pumps are very simple and easy to use, it is obviously known that no other penis pump could beat the simplicity of Penomet.

The main advantage to using a Penomet pump is that you can increase or decrease the maximum pumping pressure by simply changing to another gaiter. The valve on the BathMate Hydromax line X30, X40, Xtreme is a little more involved than it is on the Penomet pumps. The Penomet gaiters are made entirely of medical grade silicone, and can be easily washed without issue.

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